Unlocking Early-Stage Financing for SDG Partnerships


  1. 1. Although institutional investors invest at ticket sizes much larger than what commercially driven partnerships typically seek, they are important to understand for three reasons. First, they hold over $100 trillion in assets, have a material influence on financial markets, and are increasingly expanding allocation to sustainable or impact investing strategies. Channeling these assets to accelerate the SDGs can help bridge the SDG financing gap. Second, institutional investors influence what financial intermediaries invest in, which in turn can be commercially driven partnerships. It is therefore important for partnerships to understand what limits institutional investors to invest, which is highlighted in Special Section 3.3. entitled “What Limits Institutional Investors.” Third, in rare cases, partnerships can access assets held by institutional investors. Read about the Spark+ Africa Fund in Chapter 3.
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  3. 3. See the Case Match App, https://rnielsen.shinyapps.io/caseMatch/..
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