Direct Air Capture: Assessing Impacts to Enable Responsible Scaling


The authors are grateful to numerous individuals who provided valuable input, feedback, and support to this work. We thank our external reviewers who have shared their expertise and insights: Adam Baylin-Stern, Holly Buck, Kel Coulson, Nicholas Eisenberger, Ruth Garcia, David Hawkins, Geoff Holmes, Ugbaad Kosar, Elise Lepine, Colin McCormick, Ben Rubin, Maxime Tronier, Simone Stewart, Louis Uzor, Frances Wang, and Caleb Woodall.

Thanks also goes to WRI colleagues for their thoughtful review, comments, insights, and guidance: Christina Deconcini, Karl Hausker, Jillian Neuberger, Carla Walker, and Debbie Weyl. We would especially like to thank Dan Lashof and Angela Anderson for their review and guidance.

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This project was made possible through the generous funding from the Linden Trust for Conservation.

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