working paper

Locally Led Adaptation

From Principles to Practice

Tamara Coger Ayesha Dinshaw Stefanie Tye Bradley Kratzer May Thazin Aung Eileen Cunningham Candice Ramkissoon Suranjana Gupta Md. Bodrud-Doza Ariana Karamallis Samson Mbewe Ainka Granderson Glenn Dolcemascolo Anwesha Tewary Afsara Mirza Anna Carthy
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Local communities and institutions are at the front lines of climate change impacts and offer valuable expertise and innovative solutions to address the climate crisis. Yet the prevailing systems for finance and governance of adaptation interventions are not structured to ensure agency or deliver adequate resources for local actors to adapt to climate impacts. Funders, governments, and civil society organizations are starting to acknowledge the imperative that adaptation finance reach the local level, and that imbalances of power among local, national, and international actors be redressed for more equitable and effective climate resilience.

Funders, governments, and civil society actors can advance LLA by committing to the Principles for LLA and implementing the approaches and mechanisms included in this paper. As the paper demonstrates, these approaches are already working in a range of contexts and diverse funding and governance situations. These success stories of putting the Principles for LLA into practice can serve as a rallying cry for speeding up and scaling locally led adaptation action to better address the growing urgency of the mounting climate emergency.

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